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The Potter - Linda Holliday

I am a dedicated potter creating functional wares in my home studio located in the Pillsbury State Forest in Central Minnesota. Using both mid-range porcelain and dark stoneware clay bodies, my pots are wheel-thrown or slab-built and altered using a variety of techniques.

With generous support from the Five Wings Art Council and the Minnesota State Arts Board, I am currently creating a new customized mid-range glaze palette and exploring a variety of surface design and glaze application techniques.

I believe I was called to clay since the beginning of my lifetime - or possibly many lifetimes. To see a beautiful pot is a wonder, to touch a beautiful pot is a gift, to use a beautiful pot is a blessing, and to make a beautiful pot... well... for me, is just a necessary lifetime pursuit!

Thank you for your interest.

You can purchase my pots from these fine galleries

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Walker, Minnesota

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Brainerd, Minnesota

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Door County, Wisconsin

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Little Falls, Minnesota